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Our Firm

Campbell & Associates Architects provides commercial architecture services to a variety of clients, including, municipal, retail, religious, institutional, resort and educational designs. During their 29 year history, the firm has successfully designed and overseen the construction of many significant buildings in this area. Campbell & Associates Architects also has award-winning design experience in sustainable architecture.
Campbell & Associates Architects has earned the reputation of being sensitive to their client’s time, budget, and design issues. They are dedicated to providing quality architectural supervision during the construction of each project and endeavor to provide the most responsive architectural and design service possible.
Currently, Kim Campbell serves as principal architect with over 36 years of architectural experience. 
Campbell & Associates Architects have a rich local history and an excellent track record. The firm is well established with County, City and State ordinances, planning, zoning and inspection departments. We pride ourselves in making a contribution to the community by producing designs that are timeless in nature, yet economical to build in the Utah economy. Of utmost importance to the firm is our ability to be responsive to the needs of our clients. We are readily available for on-going consultation during the programming and design process.

Woodward School Restoration

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